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D&D RPG Dice Tomes, Accessories & Fun Loot

Welcome to, magical tome forge of the great red dragon, Ryzos. Here you’ll find only the finest & most functional tabletop rpg wares in the land.

Not Just Dice Boxes

Our magical dice boxes are special, yes, but we also have fun D&D accessories to go with them. Our exclusive dice launchers are a fun and exciting way to roll dice and our unique stand-up spell slot trackers show off your D6s while keeping your spell slots in order!


Like most of his dragon ilk, Ryzos has always had a passion for treasures. He also has a passion for keeping his treasures safe and hidden from prying eyes. Many moons ago, this led him to create treasure boxes disguised as ornate old spell tomes in which he hid his precious gems. He imbued each tome, using his fiery breath, with a magical engraving to protect its contents. For eons, Ryzos made these mystical tomes only for himself. He made so many tomes that his lair looked more like a wizard’s library than a proper dragon’s den.

Then, one fateful day, Ryzos learned that you ridiculous humans would willingly give him treasure in exchange for his enchanted boxes. He wondered, “Why commute long distances to raid puny villages when I can grow my hoard without ever leaving the comfort of my own lair?” It was at that moment he rounded us all up and announced we would open the Dragon Burn forge.

As his humble Kobold servants, we build accompanying accessories and other fun loot to compliment his magnificent tomes. Additionally, we are the facilitators of all patron interactions. So, if you have any questions, please reach out to us and take care not to disturb the master.